Essential visits in Oslo

Those who visit a country do not usually forget the capital, although it is true that Oslo has some competition at home because of the most famous fjords in the world, such as those of Bergen or Stavanger. Despite this, the city has a special charm and attracts tourists who decide to spend at least a couple or three days to discover its charm.

Next I will tell you about those visits that you should write down on your route if you want to get a good taste of the capital, which by the way is the most populated city in Norway with just over 640,000 inhabitants.

The oslo fjord

Oslo also has a fjord . It’s not that spectacular, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. It is about 100 kilometers long and allows you to dive, fish or sail if you wish. In fact, you can even take a canoe ride to contemplate its beauty. All this if you are looking for activity, because to relax it is best to contemplate it from the beach.

Next to the Oslo fjord you can carry out activities of all kinds at relatively affordable prices if we assume that the prices there are much higher than those here. You shouldn’t be surprised if they charge you more than 20 euros for a normal pizza. You can get to the different islands by renting a boat or a kayak, but you can also go swimming to save money and exercise your muscles.


This of the festivals is for the summer, of course. Medieval culture, dance, music, movies, gastronomy … The show is guaranteed for the five senses. To cite some of those that are going to be held this year, I will mention the Øya Festival (August 10-13), the Oslo Jazz Festival or the Findings Festival.

Oya Festival

The most visited

The National Gallery , which is part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, is one of the most visited places in Oslo. It has the largest collection of Norwegian art in the country and is open every day except Monday. Admission is free for children.

The Akershus Fortress also concentrates the crowd. It is close to the Oslo City Hall, in the center of the city, and has a lot of history behind its walls. Akershus Castle was built around 1300 and can be visited with a guide. In the main square of the Fortress we find the National Monument that pays tribute to the victims of the Second World War. It can be visited every day of the year (from 06:00 to 21:00 from May 1 to September 30 and from 07:00 to 21:00 from October 1 to April 30).

Akershus Fortress
If what you are looking for are strong emotions, you will find them at the TusenFryd Amusement Park . It is the largest amusement park in Norway. It is designed for the whole family and there is no shortage of roller coasters, bathing areas or carousels. SpeedMonster is the jewel of the park, taking you from 0 to 90 meters in 2 seconds. It is open from May to October (bathing areas from June to August).

We went from the more energetic fun to the more leisurely fun. The Oslo Opera House , located to the right of the port, allows you to enjoy privileged views of the city and the Oslo fjord, and of course also good music. It is a building full of oak wood with three stages that adapt to each work. The main auditorium has a capacity for 1,369 spectators, while the second auditorium accommodates 400 people and the studio 200.

Oslo in 3 minutes

To clarify what you can expect from Oslo, nothing like watching the following 3-minute video posted by Visit Oslo on their YouTube channel.