Spend a few days in Zaragoza

the pillar
Zaragoza has the charm of today’s big cities. Modern and historical, it has become the center for holding large events. It is a city that overflows on the banks of the Ebro with magnificent modern architecture and a bustling night full of entertainment. The millenary Zaragoza tells us a lot of stories that allow us to spend some wonderful days.

Many civilizations that today we can admire in the most emblematic constructions of a Roman, Mudejar, Baroque, Neoclassical, Modernist, Renaissance, Medieval city have coexisted in Zaragoza for some time of its millennial existence. It has a great historical legacy, traditions and gastronomy in a great setting of natural beauty. You cannot miss a visit to the beautiful Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, patron saint of the city. It is the greatest exponent of the Spanish Baroque.
The Zaragoza of Arab heritage will take us to the famous Palace of the Alfajería from the 11th century, which during its history welcomed characters such as the Kings. Nor can you miss the Lonja in the Plaza del Pilar; the Roman walls that once guarded the city, the museums of the Roman period, etc. But Zaragoza is also nature and you can’t help but witness the sunset along with the Ebro landscape.
If you have time, take care to organize a visit to the Macanaz grove. Near it you will find what is known as the Santiago Bridge. It is clear that Zaragoza is a perfect place to spend a few days of entertainment and relaxation at the same time.