The Botanical Garden of Bordeaux

Bordeaux is one of the most attractive cities in France and although it is not as famous as the capital, Paris, it is certainly an excellent option for anyone who wants to visit a city with a lot of charm and with really interesting places. Known as "Sleeping Beauty", it is experiencing a great rebirth in terms of tourism after several years in the shadow of other French cities.

It is a city in which there are several universities, with which there is always a great atmosphere in any place, especially in those that are more aimed at young people. A port city where you will discover spectacular corners. One of them is the Botanical Garden , which is in Plaza Bardineau and which you can visit any day of the year without having to pay admission.

It was recently complemented by the Botanical Garden of the Bastide, which is on the other side of the river and next to which it forms a beautiful natural environment. At present it has more than 3,000 species of plants that come from different parts of the world and that are organized in a systematic way, counting among its most outstanding species many exotics that come from China, Japan or North America.

The Bordeaux Botanical Garden is organized into 6 spaces, each one dedicated to different cultures, highlighting the acclimatization center for tropical plants, which is the best in the world. It is a spectacular site where you will discover beautiful plants in a fairytale setting, and you will also be able to learn a lot with your visit. The people of Bordeaux are very involved with this garden, and both the children in the schools and the citizens have small plots within the garden to grow their plants and contribute to making this space even more attractive.