Adventure in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its adventurous and fun tourism. Mountaineering is very important throughout the area. You can enjoy beautiful weather, see impressive waves, and immerse yourself in exciting experiences such as bungee jumping, skiing, kayaking, etc. Rotorua is a city in New Zealand, which has fields that are very animated by its geothermal activity.

You can organize an excursion to experience the rich Maori tradition. Enjoy the Hangi party and other customs. You will also be able to hear some Maori terms and phrases mixed with the English language, which will surely surprise you. Another place that you should not forget is the White Island. Visitors cannot land there without permission, only a few tour operators are allowed to access. Therefore, it is important that you book your trip through them.

Roaring steam vents, massive beds of yellow and white sulfur, bubbling mud pits, and impressive steaming acid lake offer some great photo opportunities. And that’s not all, the return trip allows you to meet the adorable dolphins in the area. You can also see other marine species such as whales. If you haven’t had enough of marine life, the following are the weirdest penguins you can imagine.

New Zealand has three species of penguins: the little blue penguins (the smallest in the world) aka Korora, the yellow-eyed Hoiho penguins, and the plume penguins. There are plenty of places along New Zealand’s extensive coastline that serve as havens for many of these marine reserves and mammals.