The spectacular Lot Valley in France

In France you have a lot of natural landscapes to discover, fantastic places where you can enjoy Nature. One of the most spectacular landscapes is the Lot Valley , which is in the southwest of the country and which is a wonderful destination for lovers of natural environments and rural tourism . There you will find a very varied landscape that stands out for its mountains, rocks, forests or spectacular lakes.

In the Lot Valley there is also the Bison Reserve , a place where you will see more than 30 species of bison, not only from Europe but also from North America and that are spread over a large wooded area that becomes a natural habitat perfect. There are several guides that will take you to follow different routes , which can be walking, by truck or on horseback. In the Reserve there is also a cafeteria where you can also eat, as well as a small museum.

On the other side of the River Lot is a small town called Vieillevie , one of the best places for kayaking or canoeing. The river is about 6 months wide and its current is quite strong, so without a doubt, fun is guaranteed. There you can rent all the necessary equipment for a lot of water activities.

Another spectacular place in the Lot Valley is Dam’Nature , a lake that is surrounded by cliffs and where you can also see eagles and more birds of prey. There you can take a ride in a basca and reach a small island that is at one end of the lake. In Conques, a medieval town near the valley, there are also plenty of routes for hikers of all levels.

If you like adventure, nothing better than visiting the cliffs of the Tarn Gorge in Lozere, one of the best destinations in Europe for climbing. There is the OSCA Nature Center, where groups for excursions and activities are organized.