National Botanical Garden of Belgium

The National Botanical Garden of Belgium is considered one of the most important botanical gardens in the world. Its collection is spectacular and many of its plants also contribute to botanical and horticultural research, as well as to various educational activities. The conservation of all of them in this place is truly amazing, and if you like natural environments, there is no doubt that you will enjoy it enormously here.

It is located on the outskirts of Brussels, although when it was founded in 1870, it was in the center of the city. In the 1960s, given his growth and importance, he moved to a spectacular estate in Meise. It houses more than 18,000 different species of plants and the greenhouse effect means that there are 25,300 accessions of living plants outdoors, which represents 6% of all living species in the world.

Here you can also find the so-called Palacio de las Plantas , which is the largest greenhouse in the world and is in a spectacular area. A glazed complex that houses 13 different greenhouses where you can enjoy all kinds of plants and plant species and another 22 greenhouses with collections that are for research. In addition, there are 20 more that fulfill different service functions.

This botanical garden covers about 92 hectares and is also home to the historic Château de Bouchout , which has an exhibition hall with several specimens of spectacular plants. Without a doubt, it is an experience for anyone to be able to take a walk through this place and discover all kinds of plants, trees, shrubs … All this with all kinds of species and with representation of all the continents inside. If you are going to travel to Brussels, the National Botanical Garden has to be a must-see.