2021: a year to travel the world through culture

The year 2021 begins with the hope of being able to return to normality, at least in part, with the increased vaccination against covid-19. It is a year that will go down in history for this fact, but also for being made up of 12 very cultural months. In fact, it is a year in which there are numerous cultural events . And it is that, to those postponed in 2020 due to the pandemic, are added those that are planned for 2021. It is a good way to travel the world and reach destinations that they did not know, they had not planned to visit or to return to them. .


One of the destinations for this year is Ghent because there they will pay tribute to the flamenco master Jan Van Eyck . For this, a whole tourist and cultural themed year is planned, which includes a program with theater, dance, design, music, gastronomy, shopping and visual arts activities, among others.

In addition, Ghent will show the legacy of this artist through an exhibition never seen before , since more than half of his works will travel to this town to be exhibited with other important works by his contemporaries. A new visitor center will also open to view the restored panels of the Mystic Lamb altarpiece .


In the appointments of 2021 Galicia cannot be absent because it is the Jacobean Holy Year within which it is expected that an extensive program will be offered with concerts, art exhibitions, congresses, talks, cinema, gastronomy or educational activities, among others.

However, the Galician community is not the only one preparing programming. All the autonomies through which the different roads to Santiago pass have planned some kind of celebration.


2021 will also be the year in which the GES-2 Center for Contemporary Culture is inaugurated in Moscow, which will be located in an old power station, dating from the 20th century and which was in charge of providing energy to the Kremlin. This center will have 13,000 square meters on the banks of the Moscota River, which will open with an exhibition by Icelandic Ragnar Kjartansson .


And cultural events take us back to Spain. In this case, we make a stop in Madrid because it will be the World Capital of Spanish . The program that will be developed has not yet been defined, but it is expected that it will have writers , artists and Spanish ambassadors around the world. Of course, there will be no lack of cultural events and those designed for the promotion and defense of Spanish.


And if Madrid will be the World Capital of Spanish, Rabat will become the African Capital of Culture . A choice that will make it possible to value the cultural commitment that has been made in recent years with the launch of museums or a monumental theater , among other projects that are completed with new train stations, the construction of the tallest tower in Africa and bypass rings, among other infrastructures.


Again, the route takes us to Spain. The next stop is Burgos to see the Ages of Man with the twenty-fifth edition of this exhibition , which is part of the celebration of the 2021 Jacobean Holy Year and the VIII Centenary of Burgos Cathedral.

The exhibition will depart from Burgos where the origin and meaning of cathedrals will be addressed, following a story that will have as its common thread the figure of the Virgin Mary and the marine dedications of numerous churches, hermitages and monasteries. However, all the programming will take place in three provinces and five exhibition venues.


And the route, although there are still many more events, we closed it this time in Florence, in Italy, to commemorate the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death. Curiously, in this city, he was sentenced to perpetual exile in 1302 and, now, his memory is vindicated. To do this, it has a program with highly prestigious initiatives and a 395-kilometer route to visit the place of birth, his grave and see the same paths that this writer traveled.