The most beautiful towns in the Canary Islands

There is no doubt that the Canary Islands have great beauty and charming towns and municipalities both in their coastal areas and in the interior of each island. Among all the possibilities there are to visit them, two towns stand out this year as the most beautiful not only in the Canary Islands, but also in Spain, according to the list drawn up by the Association The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain for this 2021 . And which are they?

La Gomera

One of these two towns is Agulo , on the island of La Gomera. In fact, this municipality is popularly known as "bonbon" for its great beauty. This town is like a large viewpoint that is tinted green by the crops over the Atlantic Ocean. From this enclave there are also excellent views of Tenerife and El Teide .

It is not its only striking appearance. In Agulo you can see narrow cobbled streets and the church of San Marcos is located, dating from 1607, with its characteristic white domes , which contrast with the reddish tone of the tiles of the houses. A building that has undergone several changes, since it was initially a hermitage and later became a church. Also, at the beginning of the 20th century, it was torn down to build the current tempo with neo-Gothic lines.

The gastronomy stands out in Agulo with dishes such as watercress or yam stew, goat and pig meat and, of course, potatoes with mojo pic贸n and almogrote , which is a spread made with goat cheese. cured and seasoned.



Within Tenerife, the most beautiful town is Garachico , at least in 2021. This town has a rich heritage, especially in its historic center , which dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, which is why it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest in 1994.

Garachico has some very beautiful cobbled streets in the heart of the town, its churches and historical buildings such as the San Francisco convent, which dates back to 1526. In addition, you can see the Plaza de la Libertad, the Castillo de San Miguel, the fa莽ade of the Casa de los Condes de La Gomera or the natural pools of El Calet贸n. And, of course, you have to know its history because Garachico was completely devastated in 1706.