Albania: what to see on a first trip

Albania is a country that is not usually very popular in terms of occupying the top positions in preferred or most chosen destinations for tourism . However, throughout its geography, there are many enclaves and areas of great beauty, from its capital and most important towns to its coastal areas . And what can be done? Here we give proposals and options for a first trip to Albania.

Coastal zone

Normally, when you travel to Albania, you tend to go to its coastal area. Specifically, to the so-called Albanian Riviera , which is formed by about a hundred kilometers from the South Coast , extending from Durrës to the border with Greece.

In this environment, beaches and coves of great beauty are concentrated, which stand out for the color of their water . In addition, the advantage is that, in general, staying and eating is quite cheap, although the quality of other international destinations cannot be expected. Illegal constructions creep into this landscape, which contributes to creating a certain chaos or disorder. However, there are large international hotel chains in the area.

Towns and points of interest

Among the places that are recommended to know in Albania, is Tirana . It is its capital and was founded in 1614. It houses some of the most important buildings such as the Royal Palace, the Ministries and the Town Hall, which date from the Mussolian era.

Do not miss the area around Skanderberg Square with the Palace of Culture, the National Museum of History, the Mosque and the Clock Tower, as well as the statue of Sakanderberg , head of the rebellion against the Turks in the fourteenth century and is considered a national hero.

The tour should also take us to Berat , which is known as the city of a thousand windows, as well as to Ksami , which is on the Riviera, facing the Twin Islands. Almost on the border is the Butrinto Archaeological Park with its Greek ruins.

The tour closes with Argirocastro with its Byzantine churches and a castle and Shkoder , which is considered the cultural capital of the country and is striking for its cosmopolitan atmosphere.