The cities of Spain with the best squares that you should visit

Spain is a very rich country to visit because there are infinite possibilities to travel its territory far and wide. And, this time, we are going to focus on the main squares that cities have. Some of them are among the most beautiful not only in the country, but also in the world. And reasons are not lacking for this. Which ones can be visited? The truth is that in every Spanish city, at least, there is one option, but here we propose some of those that we consider to be the best or that have some characteristic that makes them special .


One of the best squares in Spain and recognized worldwide is Seville. It has even become the setting for stagings for movies and Hollywood films like the second episode of ‘Star Wars. Attack of the clones’.

In this city we find the Plaza de España , which was built in 1929 for the celebration of the Ibero-American Exposition. This work is characterized by a spectacular square bordered by a canal and which is surrounded by 52 benches decorated with tiles, each representing a Spanish province.


Another of the most popular and well-known squares in Spain is the Playa Mayor de Salamanca, which was created in the mid-18th century. Among its main characteristics, it stands out for its baroque style, as well as for its architectural style with side pavilions and medallions of famous people.


Santiago de Compostela

With more than 700 years of history, the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago de Compostela has become one of the most important and well-known in Spain and the world. Due to its great beauty and architectural value, being the center and destination of pilgrims has contributed to this recognition.


And from Santiago de Compostela we go to Badajoz because there is the Plaza Alta . In it, its architecture reminiscent of an ancient Islamic city stands out, since it was the souk of the city.


The capital of Barcelona has many attractive squares, although the Plaza del Rey stands out , which is in the city’s Gothic Quarter. Its medieval air of the XIV years and the Gothic and Renaissance buildings make this square a real gem from an architectural point of view, becoming one of the ten most important in Spain.


Madrid is another of the cities with the most beautiful squares in the country. In this case, you should not miss the Plaza de la Villa , which is a very peculiar place in the capital due to its monumental complex formed by the Torre de los Lujanes, the Casa de Cisneros and the Casa de la Villa, which housed the town hall. for a time.

Las Palmas

But not all the beautiful squares are on the peninsula. Also on the islands there is a very rich heritage such as the Plaza de Santa Ana in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This square was built at the beginning of the 16th century and around it are the most important and representative buildings of the island such as the Cathedral, the Provincial Archive and the Town Hall. Especially, you have to pay attention to the seven dogs of Santa Ana, authentic guardians of the square.


And, in Cáceres, there is the town of Trujillo with its Plaza Mayor where there is the equestrian statue of the conqueror of the Inca empire, Francisco Pizarro, and the San Martín de Tours church. In addition to the square, its entire town is worth a visit for its medieval style.


Zaragoza is also on the list of cities with the most important squares thanks to the Plaza del Pilar , where the Basilica with the same name is located and which outshines the entire square in which the Cathedral of the Seo, which has great beauty, especially inside.


And we close the list of the ten most beautiful squares in Spain, returning to Madrid. In this community is the municipality of Chinchón , whose Plaza Mayor is not to be missed. In it, its medieval structure stands out, which is maintained over time, today being the scene of markets and cultural activities.