Sanabria Lake Natural Park

The vast majority of Spaniards decide to leave our country when we have vacations or a few days off, but the truth is that here we have many attractive places in which to discover very interesting things. Today I would like to travel to the interior of the Peninsula, specifically to the Castilian city of Zamora to visit the Sanabria Lake Natural Park .

This natural paradise has more than 350 hectares and is the largest park of glacial origin in our country. Leaving from Zamora you have to go along the N-630 and N-631 roads until you reach the entrance, which is in Puebla de Sanabria , an old rural city that has a lot of charm and that if you have time is also worth visiting. The Count of Benavente ruled there many years ago, who was responsible for the choice of several of the palaces that still stand today.

On the outskirts of the park you find the Castillo de Puebla , a very interesting building in a wonderful landscape that borders the park and was built in the 15th century. From the top you can see the Tera Valley, a spectacular landscape to make your mouths before entering the park.

Already in the park, which surrounds Lake Sanabria , you can see a lot of trees such as oaks, birches or hazelnuts, as well as being able to enjoy the calm waters and also take a hiking route. You can also practice other adventure sports. From the Rabanillo and Galende bridge you will have an exceptional starting point for any walk through the park since it is located in a strategic point to be able to know all the trails that take you to the different places.