Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park

In our country there are a lot of natural places that are spectacular and that are worth visiting to appreciate the nature and the landscape they offer. One of them is the Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park , which is considered the largest in Spain and the second in Europe thanks to its almost 210,000 hectares.

With the full name of “ Las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas ”, it was declared a Natural Park in 1986 and is located about 50 kilometers from Úbeda , in the northern part of the province of Jaén. The easiest way to get there is by road as there are no airports or trains less than 100 kilometers away. To access the park you have two doors in two visitor centers called “Río Borosa” and “Torre de Vinagre”.

The highlight of this place is the reliefs it has, especially the peaks of Empanadas and Cabañas that exceed 2,000 meters in height . It has spectacular waters in which you can take boat trips, in addition to being a very good place for hiking or other activities such as free flight. From there you can see the source of several rivers, including the Guadalquivir.

Another very interesting thing is the diversity of civilizations that have left their mark on the park over the years, such as the Arab, Roman or Iberian ones and which are reflected in places such as the Iruela castle, the Roman town of Bruñel or the Iberian necropolis of Toya. Finally, tell you that it is an ideal place for hunting lovers since there is a preserve where you can hunt species such as deer, mountain goat, fallow deer or wild boar.