Spend Christmas in Austria

In recent days I have brought you a couple of recommended places to spend Christmas and today I would like to tell you about another, in this case Austria and everything you can find in this country if you decide to spend such special dates there since They have traditions that it is very good to be able to discover.

Being able to travel to Austria at Christmas the truth is that it could be considered a privilege, and the landscapes that can be seen at this time of year seem totally taken from a postcard thanks to how much it usually snows. Cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Graz or Innsbruck fill with Christmas atmosphere to be able to celebrate such an important holiday. Take note of the best you can find if you decide to spend Christmas in Austria:

– In Vienna alone there are about 25 Christmas markets and every city has several where you can find things like crafts, sweets, jewelry, Christmas decorations or toys. The best known of the capital are Shöbrunn and Rathasuplazt.

– The Krampus is a tradition that exists in many parts of the country and that it is a Christmas devil that has long horns and that wears a very noisy chain. On December 5 he arrives at the house of all those children who have not behaved well and leaves them coal and potatoes as a warning to behave better or Santa Claus will not leave them anything.

– During the night of the Krampus there are several events in different cities, especially the so-called Krampus Race in which young people and adults are dressed as devils carrying torches and scare everyone who crosses their path.

– In Austria there are no Wise Men and Christmas gifts are requested from the baby Jesus and Saint Nicholas (Father Christmas or Santa Claus).

– The most special thing about New Year ‘s Eve is that thousands of people celebrate it in the streets dancing a waltz and always with a glass of champagne or mulled wine.

– But undoubtedly the most famous is the New Year’s Concert in Vienna , which is broadcast in almost all the countries of the world and that in Spain you can see it every morning on the first day of the year on Spanish Television.

– The typical Christmas menu in this country is roast turkey, cookies, apples and various Christmas sweets.