Visit the Florida Everglades

One of the most spectacular places you can visit in the United States is the Everglades , a protected area that is a National Park and that is in the state of Florida, specifically very close to Miami . The protected area covers only the southern part but its extension also has a large area of ​​wetlands with a fantastic ecosystem.

There are a lot of people who travel every year to see crocodiles in the Everglades , and it is that they roam freely and you can go sailing through the wetlands and meet a few, although navigation is always with all the necessary security measures to there is no accident. Within the National Park there are a few tourist information centers and areas for hiking. In addition to seeing crocodiles, thousands of people come to see birds, and the fauna in the area is spectacular.

The Everglades have camping areas and several paths, lakes and rivers through which you can do different routes both on foot and in airboats that are for tourists and that you have probably seen in a lot of series and movies, especially in "CSI Miami" . There are also observation walkways that are elevated and from which you can see flamingos, herons, ibis, stingrays or pelicans, quite a show if you like animals since you see them in their own habitat and in total freedom.

The Everglades can be reached by road crossing both the Tamiani Trail and the Alligator Alley . In the information centers you can find out which are the routes and the most interesting places to be able to organize your visit much better. Ideally, you should spend a whole day since it is a very large Park and you have a lot to see, although if you only want to visit a specific area, it will arrive in a few hours.