The best Christmas trees in the world

Next week it is Christmas and in almost all the houses the traditional Christmas trees are already showing, which are also present in some of the most important places in each city, many of them spectacular. Today I would like to tell you about the best Christmas trees in the world, those that due to their location or characteristics have made them the center of the world during Christmas time.

Here are the most famous Christmas trees in the world :

Rockefeller Center : It is in New York and is probably the most famous in the world, also being its traditional lighting broadcast on all televisions in the world and with musical performances and the presence of some famous people. I always say that the Christmas season does not begin until this tree is lit, which always happens in the first days of December.

Galeries Lafayette : The famous Parisian shopping center is the nerve center of Christmas shopping thanks to the 10 floors that are full of shops, where by the way I have been and I have to say that it is spectacular. Every year they put a Christmas tree about 20 meters high and decorate it in a very elegant way and with the colors that are most in fashion that year. An essential if you are in the city on these dates.

Rio de Janeiro Bay : Last year I dedicated a complete article to it as it is spectacular, not only thanks to its 85 meters high but also because it is in the water and it is also the largest floating Christmas tree in the world. You have about 3 million lights and for their lighting there are musical performances and fireworks.

Red Square : The famous Moscow square achieves a wonderful environment thanks to the fact that you can also see the Saint Basil’s Cathedral. They always put it on December 2 and it is one of the symbols of the city during the Christmas season.