Spend Christmas in London

I continue with my special recommendations for this Christmas so that if you want to leave Spain to spend a few days at these festivals, you know in which places they live in a special way. Today I would like to recommend one of my favorite cities, London , which I have already told you about on several occasions since I lived there and I know a lot of places.

During the almost whole year that I was living there, I had a Christmas time and I have to say that it was a fantastic experience as there was such an amazing decoration in every corner of the city and such a special atmosphere as it was a mixture of many cultures. Take note of what you will find if you are going to travel to London at Christmas :

– If you like ice skating , so typical at this time, you can do it if you stop by the Somerset House , a building with a lot of history that is on the banks of the Thames, next to the London Theater. Formerly they were offices and today you can find a fairly complete leisure center with museums, bars and restaurants. The ice rink is from November 23 to January 23 and is open from 11 in the morning to 11 at night.

– It is also highly recommended to visit one of the many Christmas markets , and if the London markets are already spectacular throughout the year, they are even more so during these dates thanks to the Christmas atmosphere that surrounds them and also to the things specials you can find. There are also various performances of all kinds.

– Highlight a Christmas market that is put on in Hyde Park and that is spectacular, having a lot of stalls of all kinds and even an ice rink. Take advantage of the obligatory visit to this park to be able to fill up on Christmas.

– As for New Year’s Eve, the traditional thing is to meet in Trafalgar Square to count down and celebrate the arrival of the new year. There is no tradition of drinking grapes, or lentils or anything, only the last seconds of the year are counted and immediately afterwards a fireworks show begins that can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.