Take a cruise on the Thames

Cruises are increasingly fashionable, not only in which you can visit several cities but also those that you can do in the same city and that only last a few hours. In Paris, a cruise on the Seine is almost a must for any tourist, and in London it seems that a cruise on the Thames is starting to become something that all tourists do.

Everyone knows that in London there are countless places of interest to visit, but it is also worth spending an hour on this small cruise, thus seeing the city from another point of view. The Thames splits the city in two and is the perfect route to see the most important parts. It is 346 kilometers in length and not only passes through London but also through Gloucestershire, Oxford and Eton, emptying into the North Sea.

So they are

There are different types of cruises, from those that are purely touristy to the most special ones with lunch or dinner . In addition, there are other cruises that are at night and in which dances are organized. During the Christmas season there are several special cruises, specifically on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. They are cruises of between 30 minutes and 3 hours, with different prices so that you can do the one that best suits your economy.



The cruises depart from different points, the four main piers that the Thames has: Westminster , Tower, Waterloo and Greenwich. You can get on and off at the stop you want, so you can use it not only for a walk but also as transport. There is a guide who tells the history of the monuments that are seen, such as the Tower of London, London Bridge, the old combat cruiser HMS Belfast, the Tate Modren museum, the London Eye , St. Paul’s Cathedral or The Big Ben.