Free sightseeing in London

We all know that we are in crisis and that we must spend as little as possible on whatever we do, although it is also clear that we must indulge ourselves from time to time, whenever we can afford it. Despite the crisis, people continue to travel, although to a lesser extent and always looking for destinations where they have many things to know and where they can also do various activities for free.

London is the European city most visited by tourists from all over the world, and it has so many attractions that you could be there for months and still not see everything. Despite the fact that everything is usually very expensive there, there are many things that are free , so you can do many things without spending a single pound. Take note of the most interesting:


There are several museums that have free admission, either every day or at a specific day and time. The most interesting are the British Museum (the oldest museum in the world) or the National Gallery , which is the most important museum in London and has masterpieces of Western art. Also free, and very interesting, is the collection of ships of the National Maritime Museum.


Spending a few hours in one of the many squares in the city is very interesting since you will have many buildings and monuments to see. The most famous is Trafalgar Square , which is also the point of celebration on New Year’s Eve or of concentration when there is a sporting demonstration or celebration.


Hyde Park is my favorite corner of London, a piece of nature in the middle of a city full of traffic, stress and buildings. You can have a picnic on the lawn, stroll along the path that runs along the lake, play a sport or sit and read for a long time. A very special place, especially if you go with your partner or with children. The Queen Mary Rose Garden , the best rose garden in the city, is also worth a visit.

Street markets

Taking a walk through the most important markets in London is, in addition to free, mandatory. The most famous are Portobello , Camden Town and Borough Market. Your visit is free, but it is obvious that you will be tempted to buy yourself some things, although it does not have to. Even if you don’t have a budget, these markets are a show so you should visit them anyway.

Buckingham Palace

There is no doubt that the palace in which the Queen of England lives is one of the most famous and spectacular buildings in the city, and you cannot miss its famous ‘Changing of the Guard’. The hours vary depending on the time you go, so come and see what time it is.