Sleeping in a palace in Italy

Many people dream of leading a Kings life , or at least of being able to enjoy it for a day to find out what the experience is like. At any time in history, Kings have been surrounded by luxury and grandeur, especially in the palaces in which they lived. That is why sleeping in a palace is the dream of many people around the world, and the truth is that there are places where it can be achieved.

That dream can be fulfilled in some parts of the world, so if it is yours, I would like to recommend a visit to Palazzo Victoria , where you can not only discover its greatness but also stay the night. He is in Verona , the Italian city where Romeo and Juliet lived their love. In fact, it is just a few steps from the balcony where Juliet longed for her lover, so it is yet another reason to go to this city.


Palazzo Victoria

It is a 14th century palace that has been turned into a true historical museum, both inside and out. It is in the center of the city and preserves some vestiges of medieval and Roman ruins , being a perfect example of what Veronese art was. Inside, paintings and furniture from the Renaissance, one of the most splendid times for Italy.


Sleep between luxuries

It was closed for a while to be refurbished, and a few months ago it opened as a hotel belonging to The Salviatino Collection, a selection of luxury hotels housed in historic buildings. There you will find 71 rooms of different categories but all of them in Italian style, with wooden floors, frescoes, Wi-Fi, plasma TVs, marble bathrooms… a marvel. In addition, the palace-hotel also has a modern lobby bar and a restaurant with traditional Italian cuisine by Carmine Caló, one of the best chefs in the world.