The spectacular Fragas do Eume in Galicia

Everyone knows that in Galicia you can find truly spectacular landscapes, and one of them is the one I am going to write about now. In fact, it is the most impressive natural beauty that you can find in Galician lands. I am referring to the Fragas do Eume , one of the best preserved Atlantic forests in Europe. In its 9,000 hectares there are virgin forests , rivers and an unparalleled beauty. Unfortunately, last year it suffered a serious fire that damaged a significant part, but it is still worth going there.

This natural park belongs to three different municipalities: As Pontes, Pontedeume and Monfero, all of them belonging to the province of La Coruña . The best way to get to know it in depth is on foot, and there are also several routes so you can get to know the most interesting parts. If you prefer another means, you can do it by bicycle, on horseback and there are even parts that you can travel by canoe.

Lots of green

Although there are many parts that will take a few years to be reborn from their ashes , a lot of green and a lot of beauty remain. Among its plant species there are hundreds of oaks, poplars, ash trees, ferns (more than 20 species) or lichens. The vegetation is so extensive that in many parts the light of how lush the forest is not reached. All that green is interspersed with rivers, fountains and beautiful waterfalls.


Caaveiro Monastery

Surrounded by an infinite forest , this monastery has more than 10 centuries of history and from it you can enjoy the most spectacular views of the Fragas do Eume. It is semi-hidden in the forest and you can even walk there since a couple of kilometers before the path is closed to vehicles, but you will only have to cross a small bridge and walk for a few minutes. I have been a lot of times and it is a really magical place. Admission is free and there are guided tours every 45 minutes.


How to get

The Fragas do Eume have four access portals that do not communicate with each other, the most used being the one that gives access to the monastery. As the slopes are steep, this entry is only allowed by following the course of the river through Ombre, a village 10 kilometers from Pontedeume . Vehicle access is much more restricted on weekends, but at that entrance there is collective transport that takes you to the A Figueira bridge , which is the one closest to the monastery.