Shows at Parque Warner de Madrid 2017

The Warner Park in Madrid, one of the best amusement parks in Spain, opened its doors on March 17, so anyone who wants to can visit it now, becoming the protagonist of multiple adventures thanks to its animations, shows, theming and , of course, attractions. And you already know that this place recreates the wonderful world of cinema.

Without a doubt, among the main attractions of the park are its shows and animation. Today we tell you what are the shows that will offer us this season. Would you like to join us?

Gotham City ™ Streetmosphere Show

First of all, we want to talk about Gotham City ™ Streetmosphere Show, which will allow you to experience the fight between Batman and the Joker in the first person, becoming another citizen of Gotham. It is a live show performed by specialists in which there is no shortage of chases, explosions and falls into the void.


Chinese Theater 3D

In the 3D Chinese Theater of the Warner Park you can enjoy the experience of San Andrés in 3-D. It is an adventure in which a helicopter pilot has to rescue his daughter after an earthquake in California. In addition, you will be able to see The Lego movie, which is based on LEGO toys.

Looney Tunes: Dance Festival

One of our favorite shows is Looney Tunes: Dance Festival, which takes place at the park’s Looney Tunes Theater. This is a new show for the whole family that consists of a dance contest that, of course, brings together the most famous stars of the Looney Tunes. The jury will be the same audience.


Crazy Police Academy

We also like the Crazy Police Academy show, which takes place in the Movie World Studios area. It will surprise you with its action, its frenetic speed and the incredible work of the specialists. As explained from the park, there are up to ten different vehicles involved.

Welcome 15 Years Meet & Greet

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Parque Warner, every day Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck will be at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard to welcome visitors with dances, songs and confetti. This is what the park has called the Welcome 15 Year Meet & Greet.


Celebration Parade: 15 th Anniversary Parade

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, Parque Warner also proposes Celebration Parade: 15 th Anniversary Parade, an impressive parade with all the characters and cars of the park, flanked by an agile corps of dancers . The parade will go through the avenues of Parque Warner every afternoon in what will undoubtedly be a tremendous end to the party.

Rock of Ages: The Musical

We also have to talk about Rock of Ages: The Musical, which recalls the most famous rock musicals . This show premiered on Broadway and has already been around the world. It will take place at the Hollywood Theater, which is located in the Warner Bros. Studios area, and will include dancing, live songs and lots of rhythm.


Can-Can Show

Can-Can Shop is a show of humor and dance. The Can Can dancers and the most ruthless outlaws of the Wild West will meet in the Old West Territory square to show us the value of friendship.


Beyond all these shows, you should know that during your day at Parque Warner you will be able to find a lot of animation : the most famous superheroes of DC Comics, Sam Whiskers, Coyote and Roadrunner, Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo … In addition, You can meet Bugs Bunny in his den, Tweety in Granny’s House and Daffy Duck in his dressing room.

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