10 plans with children in Madrid

Beyond being the capital of Spain, Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that has much to offer, such as an important cultural and artistic heritage, a legacy of centuries and centuries of exciting history. In addition, the capital of Spain offers a wide range of leisure, culture and gastronomy. Even children have many possibilities to have a great time both in the same city and throughout the province.

If you have children and you live in Madrid or its surroundings, or you plan to spend a few days with your family in the Spanish capital, we recommend that you pay close attention to what we tell you below, since we are going to propose 10 fantastic plans to do with children. Would you like to join us?

Warner Park

How could it be otherwise, we must start by talking about Parque Warner, one of the best amusement parks in Spain. Located in San Martín de la Vega, it is divided into five thematic areas and offers a lot of attractions and shows.

Theme park

Theme park
Although it is much older, it is also worth spending a day in the Madrid Amusement Park, which is located in the Batán area of ​​Casa de Campo. Despite having been opened in 1969, it has been remodeled and expanded every few years. In addition, it always has new attractions.

Football fields

Santiago Bernabeu
Do your children like soccer? Well, you may be delighted to visit Madrid, as the city is home to two of the most important clubs in Europe: Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. In the stadiums of both teams you can take guided tours .

Zoo aquarium

Another interesting plan to do with children is to spend a day at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium, which is considered one of the oldest zoological parks in the world. In fact, its origin dates back to 1770. It is located very close to the Amusement Park and throughout the year it organizes different activities with animals.


For children who love animals, it is also recommended to visit Faunia, a botanical garden and a zoo that is organized in areas that represent different ecosystems: the poles, the African forest, the jungle …


The work of the architect Salvador Pérez Arroyo, the Madrid Planetarium is a great place for children to discover more about astronomy. Of course, you should know that since June 2016 it has been closed, since it is proceeding with the renovation of its equipment and facilities. It seems that it will reopen its stalls after the summer of 2017.


The little ones in the house can also have a great time at the retreat, where there is plenty of space for them to play with their bicycles and balls. In addition, they can take a boat trip on the pond and enjoy the puppet theater that takes place on weekends.


We also want to talk about the Casa de Campo, the largest public park in the municipality of Madrid. Inside there are not only parks and a pond where you can rent boats, but there is also the cable car , which connects the Casa de Campo with the Parque del Oeste, which is located on the other side of the Manzanares river.


Train museum
Madrid is a city full of wonderful museums and in many of them children can have a great time, such as the Railway Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Museum of Firefighters, the Museum of Science and Technology …

Adventure parks

Finally, you should know that in the province of Madrid you can find several adventure parks, such as the Forestal Park Guadarrama, the Indiana Natural Recreational Park, De Pino a Pino, Aventura Amazonia …

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