Madrid will inaugurate its first drive-in open all year

Drive-in Madrid 1
In true American style, the capital is preparing for the inauguration of the first drive-in cinema in Spain open all year . For now it is in the construction phase, but we can already see a video and several images about the project that has received the green light from the Madrid City Council.

Exporting a Yankee tradition

Although on the other side of the pond it is a business that is in the doldrums, the promoters of Autocine Madrid hope to sell all the tickets at least every weekend. In fact, for now we do not know if they will open only on weekends or will also be accessible during the week.

A space for romance

It will have a capacity for 350 vehicles . The occupants of them will be able to enjoy the best cinema without leaving the car in an area of ​​25,000 square meters where there will be everything. For starters, a huge 250-square-meter screen that shouldn’t be cheap at all. The projection will be state-of-the-art digital and the sound will be emitted by the cars’ own speakers, which will force you to tune in to a radio station to find out what the protagonists are saying.

Located in the Chamartín-Fuencarral area , with the Torres Kio in the background, Autocine Madrid will have a restaurant area with up to four food trucks. It is too early to say what kind of food will be served, but seen in the promotional video there will be no shortage of sushi, hamburgers, french fries or hot dogs. In addition, there will also be a kiosk with a terrace and up to 150 loungers to enjoy the movie outdoors, a highly recommended option considering how overwhelming it can be to spend two hours inside a car watching a movie.

Drive-in Madrid 5

Movies of now and forever

When it comes to programming, they advertise variety. We will see classics and the latest billboard releases . That means we can feel like Danny Zuko and Sandy Olson in Grease , although we surely won’t do it in a convertible of the time.

For more information, I invite you to visit You can contact them via email [email protected], by phone (625 244 696 or 655 131 864) or by filling in a form on the website.

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