The best paradores in Spain

The other day we were talking about five hostels in Spain to enjoy a good vacation. They are different destinations from the rest because they are new and will become part of the list of inns in the country this year or because they are on the islands. They are not the only options. In fact, in the national territory there are many proposals for inns , which can be taken into account to enjoy cultural, beach or mountain destinations. Here we make a list with the best paradors in Spain, to which we should add the others that we mentioned above. As you will see, there is something for everyone.


In Galicia, there are several paradores that can be taken into account. One of the most important is the Parador de Santiago de Compostela , which is considered the oldest hotel in the world. Specifically, this establishment dates from 1499 and was launched as a royal hospital to house pilgrims. Its facilities keep all the essence of the passing of the years, maintaining the four cloisters, and offer a very elegant stay. Do not forget to enjoy your luxurious dining room.

And in the Ribeira Sacra, between the rivers Miño and Sil, is the Parador de Santo Estevo , which was born as a monastery. Today it is another of the most renowned inns for its location in the middle of a large green forest. It is ideal for nature lovers. To these proposals, the Parador de Baiona is added , which is a fortress with views of the Cíes Islands.


Still in the North of Spain, another option to stay is the P arador de Santillana Gil Blas . This hotel is in the Barreda-Bracho house, which is very beautiful. In addition, it is in the Plaza de Santillana del Mar, which was declared a National Monument.



Also in the North of Spain, specifically, in Asturias, is the Parador de Cangas de Onís . Again, we are in front of a hotel that was the old monastery of San Pedro de Villanueva. Its surroundings are truly spectacular, since it is surrounded by the Picos de Europa and near the Sella River.


In this autonomous community, there is also a hostel. It is the Parador de Trujillo . Actually, its facilities are in the old convent of Santa Clara. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a vacation full of tranquility and peace.

Other proposals in this community are the Parador de Cáceres , which is a Renaissance palace declared a World Heritage Site, and the Parador de Guadalupe , which is also a World Heritage Site and is characterized by its basilica, the auditorium building, its cloister Mudejar and the Gothic cloister.


Madrid is another of the autonomies in which staying in a parador is a good option. The proposal goes through the Parador de Chinchón which, like other paradores, is in an old monastery. In this case, it is Augustinian. An ideal place to rest near Madrid and in a charming little town.

Castile and Leon

And, in Burgos, specifically, in Lerma there is another of the best-known paradors in Spain: the Parador de Lerma , which is the result of the reconversion of the Ducal Palace in this town. Located in the upper part of the town, its central patio, which is surrounded by magnificent colonnaded galleries, is well worth seeing.

Within this community, there is the Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo , located between Salamanca and the Portuguese Historical Villages. A place also with a lot of history.

Castilla la Mancha

In this community, you will find the Parador de Cuenca . It is located in the Hoz del Huécar, looking towards the hanging houses and in an environment of lush vegetation.


And, in the South of Spain, there are also options. For example, there is the Parador de Cádiz . Its style is more modern, but it is still an interesting alternative. Among its strengths is being close to the sea, specifically La Caleta Beach, and the magnificent views of the Bay of Cádiz.

Already in Malaga, you can take into account the Parador de Nerja , which is on a cliff above the sea on the coast, thus being able to enjoy spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, these cliffs and the mountains of the Sierra Almijara. And we do not leave Andalusia without including the Parador de Jaén , located at the top of the Santa Catalina hill and which is an excellent enclave to discover the Andalusian Renaissance.