The best beaches in Almería

One of the most successful Spanish destinations when summer arrives is Almería , which is also very interesting to visit the rest of the year, but in good weather it offers a lot of spectacular beaches where you can relax. It has just over 200 kilometers of coastline, along which you can find all kinds of beaches so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

The average temperature during the year is 20ºC, and summers are always very sunny, so without a doubt it is a perfect place to enjoy a summer vacation since, in addition to beaches, you will discover a beautiful city and province. Take note of the best beaches in Almería :

Playa de San Miguel de Levante : it is in the Cueva de San Miguel and it has dark sand. It is a perfect beach for lovers of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing or scuba diving. It is very close to the tourist area of ​​Almerimar.

Playa de San Miguel de Poniente : it is on the other side of the Cueva de San Miguel and is also known as the “Playa del Cepillo”. It is more famous than the previous beach as it has the Blue Flag.

Playa de La Garrofa : it is a small beach with dark sand and stones, something that not many people like but that is worth visiting as it has a spectacular cliff.

San Telmo Beach : it is one of the beaches with the most sun all year round due to its location. It is a very quiet beach that does not usually have many people since to get there you have to go down a cliff. It is of fine and dark sand.

Beaches of Carboneras : it is one of the most famous of the entire Almeria coast thanks to the fact that Carboneras has many beaches where you can do all kinds of water activities.

Las Olas Beach : it is a small beach that has fine dark sand and the sea is very calm, so it is ideal for families with children or people who do not like waves very much. It is very close to the Fishing Port of Almería.

Aguadulce Beach : it is in Roquetas de Mar, one of the most famous municipalities in the province of Almería and where more tourists come every year.