The best castles in Aragon

On some occasion I have written about how much I like castles , undoubtedly one of the great attractions of any landscape and that they are almost always part of a spectacular natural environment. In our country there are many different styles, and today I would like to write about those in Aragon , an ancient land where not only are there castles but you will also find countless places of interest, so you can enjoy an incredible trip. .

Throughout the Aragonese territory you can find many castles, spread over its 3 provinces and which are fortresses full of history that are wonderfully preserved in some cases and almost in ruins in others, but any of them give off a special magic. It is very difficult to be able to choose the best or the most beautiful, but I will try to make a small summary that is fair with its beauty.

Castle of Ciudadela

Also called Castillo de San Pedro, it is in Huesca and it is a fantastic pentagon that is protected by walls, moats, bastions and various fortifications. It was built in the 16th century and it also has a couple of bridges, one of which is a raised one, and inside there is a parade ground, several rooms and a church.

Castillo Sos del Rey Católico

It is in Zaragoza and it was a strategic point between the kingdoms of Navarra and Aragon that is surrounded by a medieval wall. Inside, cobbled streets that guide you to the different parts, where there are two promontories, several rooms, balconies or the Palace of Sada.

Castle of Aínsa

It is in Aínsa , in the province of Huesca, a medieval town that stands out for many places of interest but especially for its castle, which dates back to the 11th century and was remodeled in the 16th and 17th centuries. It is huge and has a rectangular courtyard that is surrounded by an arched wall. The Torre del Homenaje is the part that is best preserved, being currently the Interpretation Center of the Pyrenean Fauna.

Loarre Castle

It is also in Huesca and is one of the most beautiful in the entire Community, being also the most important romantic fortress in the whole country and one of the most in Europe. It has 8 towers and has been the scene of the filming of several films such as "The Kingdom of Heaven". Among its most important parts is the wall, the Royal Chapel dedicated to San Pedro or the Torre del Homenaje.

Castle of Sádaba

It is in the province of Zaragoza, on a small hill that reveals its walls and towers and that give great beauty to the landscape. It is medieval in style and has a patio and 7 towers.

Albarracín Castle

It is in Albarracín, in the province of Teruel, and has one of the most spectacular walls in the castles of our country. Its walls protect the urban center of the town, and from them you can enjoy fantastic views. In this area there were 3 castles together but today two are in ruins and only this one is complete.