Haunted castles in Europe

There are many castles that you can find throughout Europe, almost all of them forming part of a spectacular natural landscape that makes the building even more beautiful. Many of these castles have in their history many legends and supernatural stories that make them "enchanted castles".

The good thing about these legends is that you will never know if they are true or not, and really that is what makes them so much more interesting. Today I would like to introduce you to some enchanted castles in Europe , the ones with the most interesting stories. Take note:

Leap Castle : It is one of the most famous haunted castles in Ireland thanks to the history that there is about the O’Carroll Clan, a family that lived there many years ago and left some really interesting stories. In many of the stories about this castle there are deaths and murders within that family, and in its interior a cellar containing human bones was found years ago, although it was never known who they belonged to. It is said that within the walls of this castle there are many ghosts, one of the main claims for everyone who visits it.
Chillingham Castle : It is one of the darkest monuments in Northumberland, in England. There is a room that is said to be haunted and which they call "The Pink Room." It is said that paranormal sensations are perceived in that room, something that almost everyone who visits it confirms, even recording the entire visit to be able to capture any strange presence.
Dragsholm Castle : It is in Denmark and is one of the most famous in the country thanks to the fact that they take advantage of the presence of ghosts to attract visitors. One of the most interesting things about this castle is that you can spend the night in it since it has been converted into a hotel, so you can feel those presences for several hours. A castle with a lot of charm and with many legends full of intrigue and mystery.