The Island of Tabarca on the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is one of the areas of our country that receives more tourism each year, with a privileged environment, good weather all summer and places of great interest. Belonging to the Valencian Community, there is a single inhabited island, the Island of Tabarca , which is located in front of Alicante, very close to Cabo de Santa Pola. An island that you must visit if you are going to be in that area as it is beautiful.

It is in a small archipelago that has, in addition to Tabarca, islets such as La Galera, La Nao or La Cantera, although none of them is inhabited. It is a small island that does not reach 2,000 meters in length and has a width of about 400 meters, dedicated entirely to both tourism and fishing, the two sectors that move it economically.

Despite being populated, in reality only about 70 people live there during the winter season, and in summer that number is multiplied by 10, which still does not even reach 1,000 people, making it a very quiet place to spend. a vacation or a couple of days off. In high season, it is estimated that between those who are there and those who are going to spend the day there are about 3,000 people, more or less between April and October.

What to see in Isla de Tabarca

Among the most interesting things you can visit is the Wall (made of stone and with 3 baroque style doors), the Puerta de Levante (connects the city with the area where the port is located), the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo , the Governor’s House , the San José Tower, El Faro or the Nueva Tabarca Museum.

As for the natural environment, it is an authentic wonder that houses different terrestrial and marine ecosystems, with an excellent state of conservation. Its waters are a Mediterranean Marine Reserve, being the first Spanish area to do so. The Cueva del Llop Marí stands out , with two mouths that access from the sea, and the beach of Tabarca , which measures 200 meters and has crystal clear waters where you can practice diving and other activities.