What to eat in london

This Friday the Olympic Games begin and London is already beginning to fill not only with athletes from all countries but also with tourists from anywhere in the world who want to take advantage of this event to encourage their own and incidentally spend a few days in the British capital. If you are one of the people who is going, you will probably already have the trip organized so I would like to give you a hand on the subject of food.

The gastronomy of London is not that it is a big thing, I lived there for almost a year and it is not that it is anything of the other world, but to be only a few days the truth is that it is great since you can find very interesting things. Take note of the highlights of London’s gastronomy :

– What is used the most are basic products such as fish, meat, potatoes, eggs and butter.

– It is a gastronomy that is characterized by being a mixture of several of the world’s cuisines , so you can find very original dishes with a delicious mixture of flavors.

Typical dishes : it has many among which stand out the meat and vegetable patty, yorkshire pudding (it accompanies any meat), lamb in mint sauce, roast beef (meat and roasted potatoes) and fish and chips (fried fish with French fries ). All dishes are usually accompanied by butter or cheese toast.

Desserts : there are many and for all tastes, so you will undoubtedly find a few that will make you fall in love. The famous brownie is the best known in the world but it also has other very good ones such as pancakes, custard, raisin and currant pudding or pudding.

Drinks : beer is the best known local drink and you can find it in different flavors, colors, textures and brands. Bitter is the best known (without bubbles and dark in color).

Gastronomic customs : the times of the different meals have nothing to do with those we have in Spain, especially dinner since it is usually at 6-7 in the afternoon. Breakfast is big as there are many people who eat breakfast and dinner but do not have lunch, so at breakfast there is usually bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, cold cuts and much more. Of course, you can not miss the 5 o’clock tea, always accompanied by some pastries and that you can enjoy in many corners of the city.