Finding a bathroom on vacation

Bathing abroad can become an almost traumatic experience if we have not traveled a lot and we plan to relieve ourselves like at home. The bathrooms in Europe are very similar to those in the United States, but what can we find in less developed countries? Toilet paper is another "essential" Westerner that most people on the planet don’t use.

We think that the rest of the world is like our home, but you just have to remember that a billion people around the planet eat with their left hands. Some countries , such as Turkey, have very fragile plumbing systems, and toilet paper can cause major bottlenecks. Remember that it is always advisable to bring tissues or towels for the bathroom .

Finding a decent public toilet can be frustrating. Most countries have few public toilets. You can always try to find them in:

– Restaurants
Any place that serves food or drink has a bathroom. Buy at least any drink to be able to enter the bathroom.

– Public Buildings
Search train stations, government buildings, and department stores. Many parks usually have restrooms.

– Restrooms on the street
Some big cities, like Paris, London, and Amsterdam, are dotted with coin-operated toilets. You insert the coin and you have 15 minutes to use it.

– Trains
The toilets on the trains are usually located at the ends of the wagons. Do not be scared of what you can find, especially if the train is long-distance. The cleanliness of the toilet deteriorates as the trip progresses.