London Dungeon, a terrifying museum in London

In VuelaViajes we have already talked on several occasions about how fascinating London is and how many interesting places you can visit. It is clear that almost everyone knows the most typical places so today I would like to recommend a totally original one that surely anyone will love to visit. It is the London Dungeon , a kind of museum that takes you through the darkest of London history.

The background of this museum is an authentic London dungeon and there you can see live actors terrorizing visitors with their performances. There are also various shows, interactive games and many special effects so that everyone who enters the London Dungeon is taken back to the most terrifying time in the city and, incidentally, can overcome some of their fears. A unique experience not suitable for "cowards".

Some of the shows that you can enjoy are based on real events, such as the "Jack the Ripper" murders , the Great Fire that took place in the city and others such as the torture that took place or when the plague appeared. A fun experience that lasts about an hour and a half and that offers strong, constant emotions that you will not forget in your life. In theory it is valid for the whole family, but if your child usually has nightmares it is better that you do not take him.

It is open every day of the year except Christmas and such is its success that since its inauguration in 1976, 3 more have opened in Hamburg, York and Edinburgh. Currently, the organizing company is already preparing a new one in Italy. In each city you can discover the most terrifying of its own history. Something good to see that although now we are very bad, without a doubt our ancestors were much worse.