The best destinations for diving in the Caribbean

If you are a diving lover and you are planning your next trip, you cannot miss this recommendation that we are going to make of the best destinations in the Caribbean to dive. As you may already know, this part of the world is an ideal place to rest, but the best of all are its waters, which are warm whatever the season of the year. The whole area is unique for scuba diving, but these are our highlights.

Belize : for its corals. In this place is the largest coral reef in all of America, and the second largest in the world. Its great Blue Hole, 120 meters deep, can even be enjoyed from the air. And if you travel between the months of April and June, you will be able to see the whale shark. Turtles, rays and various colorful fish await you in this beautiful place.

The Cayman Islands : for its calm and transparent waters that will allow you to have a vision that reaches almost 40 meters under the sea. Its fauna is also quiet so you can appreciate it without problem. In Grand Cayman, the largest of the three islands that make it up, you can see barracudas, turtles, schools of fish and even rays from just four meters deep.

Bahamas : for sharks. Swimming with them is the great attraction of this destination. But in addition to them, its beautiful blue holes, shipwrecks and a wide variety of animals stand out. All this you will be able to contemplate without any difficulty thanks to the excellent visibility that there is in this place.