Paradise Bottom Bay in Barbados

Barbados is a spectacular island where you can find a mix of natural beauty and culture that you won’t see in many other places in the world. It is an island of corals in which the natural landscapes and beaches stand out, all of them with soft white sand and crystal clear waters that delight thousands of tourists every year. It is also the ideal place for diving enthusiasts as it has a very exotic and varied marine life.

Almost all the beaches in Barbados are perfectly aligned on the coast, which leaves a unique landscape that is worth discovering and, above all, enjoying. One of the most attractive areas of the island is Bottom Bay , which probably achieves the most perfect landscape of all those there. In Bottom Bay you can not only spend a day at the beach but you can have picnics in the shade of the palm trees, do some sporting activity or simply lie down to rest.

Right in the bay, swimming is not highly recommended since the waves are very strong and it is usually dangerous since the waves create a very strong current, but next to it there are beaches that are perfect for swimming, diving, surfing and other water activities . One of them is Crane Beach, which is perfect for swimming and also for surfing as it has many waves but very safe.

Bottom Bay is the quietest part of the whole area, more like a city since near it there are also tourist places that are worth visiting, such as the St. Michael Chapel or the Christian Church. The bay is in the capital, Bridgetown , and there are many spectacular resorts where you can enjoy a unique vacation at any time of the year.