Travel to Panglao Island in the Philippines

If the Philippines stands out for something, it is for the spectacular landscapes that you can find at every step you take, with a dreamy natural beauty that you cannot enjoy in many other places in the world. One of the most important tourist destinations in the country is Panglao , a “postcard” island where you can not only find beautiful landscapes but also a fantastic destination if you like diving and if you like paradisiacal beaches.

The island of Panglao is in the Central Vissayas region, southwest of Bohol province and east of Cebu. It was Spanish explorers who discovered this small island, back in the year 1800, and shortly after it was filled with Indonesian, Chinese, Siamese and Malaysian traders. Some 200 years later is when it began to attract visitors from different places, who were attracted by its beauty.

The landscape of Panglao is undulating and somewhat mountainous, and there are many limestone formations of great beauty, such as the Hinagdanan Cave , which has an underground source that is the only one on the entire island since there are no lakes or rivers. Both its flora and fauna are very diverse and there are many varieties that you can only find there and that are a delight, especially the aquatic ones that will surprise any diver who enters its beautiful waters.

As for its beaches, you have several where you can enjoy the tropical climate that the island offers throughout the year, with which you are guaranteed good weather and spending several hours on the beach enjoying doing nothing. White or golden sand, warm, turquoise waters … without a doubt Panglao is a perfect destination if you are looking to lose yourself in the unknown but with the most spectacular landscapes around you.