Manly Beach, the best beach in Sydney

We have already spoken on other occasions about the many paradisiacal destinations that you can find in Australia , a country that perfectly combines beach and city tourism and offers numerous possibilities for all types of tourists. Today I would like to write about Sydney , specifically about one of the best beaches that you can find in this wonderful city and which is also the capital of the country. The most famous are those that are far from the center, right on the coast, and that leave a fantastic view of the bay and that part of the city.

There are more than 50 beaches in the city, so you have a wide variety to choose the ones that best suit your tastes or needs. With so much variety it is very difficult to say which are the most remarkable, but it seems that no one has any doubt about which is the best beach in the city, and this is Manly Beach . Thanks to its fame, it is one of the busiest in the city, and in its surroundings you can find all kinds of services such as bars, restaurants, shops and entertainment areas.

All the services it has make Manly Beach one of the most complete beaches in the city, being also very well connected with the rest of Sydney thanks to a ferry and a very efficient and fast bus service. It is an infinite beach where there is even an open-air shopping center with a multitude of shops and bars. In this area you will also find a spectacular oceanarium with various shows and with different fish, especially the most typical of the area.

The area is so large that it could almost be said that Manly is an independent municipality within the city, and in fact it has become the place of residence of many people since it is not only a beautiful area but it is also one of the most cheap when it comes to flats and houses.