Koh Chang Island in Thailand

Thailand is not only one of the most spectacular destinations in Asia but it is also one of the cheapest in the entire continent (especially Bangkok), so if you have little budget it is undoubtedly the ideal place to spend your holidays. The Thai capital is a place where you can see a great cultural diversity, amazing landscapes and places that will undoubtedly leave their mark on you.

There you can find one of the most spectacular islands in the world, the island of Koh Chang . It is the perfect place to escape the stress of the rest of the year and what living in a city means. A jungle island with a multitude of mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, palm trees, cabins and, of course, beaches. On the beaches of Koh Chang there are cabins where you can stay for only 4 euros a night, so there is no excuse not to enjoy them.

If what you are looking for for your holidays is relaxation, there is no doubt that Koh Chang is the perfect place, both for a long vacation or to go just one day while you are in the area. It is five hours from Bangkok , and from there several buses leave every day that arrive in the city of Trat, where you will take the ferry to, in a few minutes, finally reach the island.

The only bad thing about the island is that there is a risk of malaria in that area, so take all the necessary precautions such as vaccines, anti-mosquito sprays and everything that is necessary for total protection. It is worth the discomfort that it may cause you as you will enjoy the second largest island in the country, only behind Phuket.

A paradisiacal National Park

As if the attractiveness of its beaches were not enough, there you will also discover the Koh Chang National Park , which occupies almost the entire surface of the island and other nearby islands. A spectacular park in which you can discover the highlights of the local flora and fauna, which leaves a dreamlike landscape that you will never tire of looking at. For a more complete experience, take an elephant tour through the jungle. Unforgettable.