Koh Samet Island in Thailand

A few days ago I saw a report on Thailand and the truth is that I was fascinated with several of the places that appeared in it. After seeing it, I wrote about places like Koh Samui or Koh Chang and today I would like to write about Koh Samet , another of the many paradisiacal places in this country. It is a small island that belongs to the Rayong province and can be easily reached from Bangkok, the capital of the country.

It is one of the favorite destinations for Thais , so without a doubt that is a sign that it is worth it, that those who live there know better than anyone what is the best place for everything. The weather is very good and it rains occasionally but very little, so practically at any time of the year you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy good weather.

The beaches of Koh Samet are beautiful, and there is also a very beautiful natural environment with several lakes, mountains and rock formations that are spectacular. Both Koh Samet and its surroundings are part of a National Park, declared this way in 1981. To access the parts of the island that are part of the Mu Ku Samet National Park you have to pay about 200 baht, almost 4 times more than if you are a resident of Thailand (40 baht).

Among its beaches you can enjoy a lot of white sand , almost transparent and crystalline waters and beautiful coral reefs. In them you can not only relax in the sun to enjoy a good rest but you can also do various water activities such as diving , snorkeling or simply take a ride on a boat to have a total view of the island.