The best Natural Parks in Thailand

In Asia you can find countries of all kinds, almost all of them very exotic and with really spectacular landscapes. One of them is Thailand , which has an exceptional nature that perfectly combines paradisiacal beaches with incredible natural environments, all also offering adventures of all kinds to be able to enjoy it much more. In fact, countless movies have been recorded on many of its landscapes.

Today I would like to tell you about the Natural Parks of Thailand , which has exactly 102 and that each of them has something spectacular that makes it worth visiting. All Thai Natural Parks help protect hundreds of species, both animals and plants, and you can find a great variety in all of them. Take note of the most spectacular:

Khao Yai : It is one of the most famous in the whole country and while you go through it you can find elephants, monkeys and all kinds of birds. With many mountains and trees, here you will also find the highest mountain in the country, which measures 2,565 meters.

Erawan : It is also well known and visited as it houses one of the most fascinating and spectacular waterfalls in the entire country. In addition, in its lakes and rivers you can bathe, always with the jungle as a witness, which will make it a unique experience.

Khoo Khut : There are about 200 species of birds here, as well as having several waterfalls and lakes where you can also bathe. It has a spectacular nature, without a doubt one of my favorites.

National Marine Park of Koh Tarutao : It combines hundreds of islands and islets, which offers you a paradisiacal landscape and a great variety of possibilities. It is in the southern part of the country, right on the border with Malaysia, and it closes between June and November.