Customs in Thailand

For many years now, Thailand has been a popular tourist destination for its extraordinary beauty. Its beautiful cities, its exquisite food, its historical monuments and its beaches and paradisiacal islands are a real attraction for the traveler from any part of the world.

As in most eastern countries, Thais are known for their hospitality , tolerance and good humor, so foreigners are usually treated cordially. In addition, they tend to be understanding if tourists violate traditional norms of behavior, although it is important to follow a series of guidelines so that your trip is a totally pleasant experience.


The typical greeting of a Thai is the Wai , which consists of bringing the palms of the hands together and lowering the head a little. The higher the hands are raised, the more respectful the greeting.


Temples and monarchy

In Thailand they do not welcome loud behavior and inappropriate clothing in temples. Therefore, it is best not to wear shorts or sleeveless shirts. In addition, you must take off your shoes when entering an enclosure that contains a Buddha image. On the other hand, women are not allowed to touch the monks or give them anything from hand to hand.

You should also keep in mind that the Royal Family represents one of the most important pillars of the country, so objects and photographs of monarchs are assigned a place of honor and reverence is shown.

Show feelings

On the other hand, you should know that Thais do not show their feelings, so expressions of anger or impatience are not frowned upon. In public, only affectionate expressions are allowed between men and women and the legs and feet should never be extended towards anyone when sitting down.


Regarding clothing, it must be borne in mind that topless is not allowed on the beach and beach clothing can only be used in these areas.



At mealtime, the fork and spoon are used for most dishes. The first is handled with the left hand and is used to push food and it is not well seen to put it in the mouth. When taking portions of the sources, the most appropriate thing is to serve little by little.