The hot springs of Santiago de Compostela

Galicia , in addition to being a land of magnificent crops, and splendid beaches, in addition to having extraordinary natural beauty, it is no less true that it is also the richest Spanish community in thermal waters, and its spas have always enjoyed a very recognized fame. In some villages these hot springs are free, they do not belong to any spa and people from very different places come there who cannot afford the luxury of curing their ills in paid hot springs and can be seen walking covered with blankets: it is the bathers, who They take baths or baths.

The traces of the Lugo and Burgas de Ourense hot springs remain from Roman times. Very close to Santiago de Compostela, on the way to Vigo, is the Balneario de Anxels, in Anxels-Brion, with sulphurous waters. Indicated for the treatment of the respiratory tract, rheumatism also in dermatology. In Caldes do Reis there are two spas.

Both with the same characteristics: they are made of saline waters and the temperature is 48º C; and, like Anxels, it is prescribed for respiratory tract, rheumatism, and skin treatment. The Acuña Spa is installed in an old building and surrounded by romantic gardens; the Balneario Davila is less luxurious and, economically , more affordable.

Very close to these, in an old palatial castle full of charm is that of Cuntis , called Balneario de la Virgen; Sometimes, it is difficult to make a decision in favor of one place or another, if we want to spend a season to carry out a cure, but if we can, since we are a short distance, take the opportunity to take a walk through its parks and even dine in one of them to experience the evocative atmosphere of another era. Also in Catoira there are excellent sulphurous waters to relieve rheumatism and skin diseases.