Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima

Hiroshima , in Japan , is one of those places that will always be remembered for a tragedy caused by the impact of the atomic bombs that the United States dropped during World War II. That fact forever marked the development of the city, where you can find very interesting places.

One of the places that receives the most visitors is the Hiroshima Memorial Peace Park , a park that is in the center of the city and that was built in the large open space left by the bomb when it fell on the city. That bomb left some 140,000 affected among the dead, injured and family, friends or people who to some extent saw their lives drastically changed after that event.

The construction of this park was not only done to pay tribute to all those affected but also aims to raise awareness around the world of the harmful and drastic effects that nuclear disasters can have and promote peace in the world. In the park you can find several monuments and museums that remember that day, as well as several historical places in the surroundings and that are visited by people from all over the world every year.

On the Memorial Mount of the Atomic Bomb are the ashes of more than 70,000 of the people who died that fateful August 6, 1945. Hiroshima became from the impact of the bomb in the city of peace and silence. Today it continues to be the case since it is one of the quietest destinations that you can find in the world, with almost hardly any noise despite having a population that reaches almost a million and a half people.