The Castle of the Templars in Ponferrada

In the Leon city of Ponferrada there are a lot of very interesting places, as well as a delicious gastronomy. Among the many places of interest that you can find is the Castillo de los Templarios , located at the crossroads of the "Camino de Santiago" between León and Villafranca and in a fantastic natural environment on top of a hill about 60 meters high above the river. Sil.

This castle was originally a pre-Roman fort and a small citadel , although it was later rebuilt and the kings of León donated it to the city so that they could serve the pilgrims who made the Camino de Santiago . Regarding their name, the Templars were skilled warriors who had an excellent commercial network that made them receive many donations as gifts and in some cases even towns or villages.

The Templars were guardians of royal treasures in many countries, such as France, and they settled in Ponferrada in the 12th century to protect the pilgrims. In 1312 the Order of the Templars was dissolved, and the castle became the property of the Crown of León, although it continued to retain its name. It is a place that has always generated a lot of attention and mystery, and is also one of the most impressive fortresses on the European continent.

In all the years that it has been built, several reforms have been made for its maintenance or to add blocks or rooms. It was also known as the "castle of the twelve constellations" thanks to the 12 towers that it has and that simulate the different location of the stars in the sky. It also has a moat that is surrounded by a drawbridge, as well as a huge courtyard in the lower part and a double line of walls.

If you travel during the month of July you may be lucky enough to see a show that is held there and that is the recreation of the Order of the Templars , it is celebrated during a weekend and all kinds of activities are organized to remember and honor the Templars. Among those activities there is a medieval market, a falconry exhibition, tasting of typical dishes and wines, children’s workshops, storytelling, theatrical performances and much more.