Tagomago, the only private island in the Balearic Islands

Tomago photo
Have you ever heard of the island of Tagomago ? Well, it’s about time you did it! And, although many people do not know it, it is one of the most exclusive destinations in our country. Yes! You read that right! This island territory is located in Spain, specifically in the extreme northeast of Ibiza, opposite the municipality of Santa Eulalia.

As we will tell you in more detail below, this private island has been transformed into an exclusive accommodation where stars from all over the world spend their holidays or, at least, part of them. And it is necessary to have a lot of money to be able to spend a night here. To give you an idea, characters of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo or Gareth Bale have passed through here. In fact, the Welsh footballer proposed to his girlfriend in this place in mid-July. As we will most likely never be lucky enough to visit Tagomago, today we want to take a virtual tour of the island. Would you like to join us?

Property of Isla Tagomago SA

Private islands are rare in the Mediterranean, but very close to Ibiza, just 900 meters from Ibiza, we can find Tagomago, a 600,000 square meter islet belonging to the company Isla de Tagomago SA, operated by the German real estate developer Matthias Künh , who is having many problems with justice and environmental groups. And it is that he has been accused of having committed environmental crimes on the islet.

Tomago photo1

A spectacular Ibiza villa

Tagomago remains practically virgin, although it is true that in the scepter of the islet you can find a spectacular one-story luxury villa designed in the purest Ibizan style. As you can imagine, the house has all kinds of luxuries : five double rooms with bathroom included, a swimming pool with sun loungers around it, an outdoor Jacuzzi, terraces surrounding the building, an independent guest house and even a small port. As if that were not enough, the house was furnished by the famous designer Philippe Stark and, in addition, it is decorated with paintings by Majorcan painters.

Tomago photo2

Absolute privacy

As we have mentioned before, renting this island is only available to a lucky few (a week in July or August costs about 160,000 euros and 100,000 euros the rest of the year), who during their stay will not have to worry about anything, Since they will have 10 employees at their service: cook, waiters, cleaners, a captain for boat trips, a mechanic … Of course, you can also hire other exclusive services: personal trainer, DJ, babysitters, helicopter … In addition, they can enjoy total privacy just five minutes by boat from Ibiza, which means that you can continue to enjoy the parties, restaurants and culture of the island. Of course, it should also be borne in mind that this place is ideal for hiking, bird watching and for practicing water sports of all kinds.

Tomago photo3

A beach club

Besides the town, the only building that can be found on the islet is a lighthouse built in 1909. Until not long ago, the small pier through which the islet is accessed by sea was also a beach club where the Stars and VIPS characters could enjoy music and cocktails by the sea, but it is currently closed. Next we leave you with our gallery , where you will find more images of Tagomago and the spectacular house that we can find in the center of the island. Do not miss it!