Dromoland Castle in Ireland

The spectacular landscapes in Ireland have always caught my attention, and it is that in many films they show them and it gives you the feeling that you are also there enjoying them. In many of these landscapes you can always see castles , spectacular fortresses that let your imagination run wild to make up a story about who will live there or what happened in the past.

The other day there was a report on TV about various castles in Ireland and there is one that I loved and that is what I am going to talk about today: Dromoland Castle , which is very close to Shannon Airport, in County Clare. A wonderful Renaissance-style castle that has been converted into a luxury hotel that also has a restaurant that was awarded a Michelin star.

The castle as seen now was completed in 1835, although it began centuries ago and was remodeled over time. It is located on a farm that has just over 400 hectares and originally housed one of the few royal families in the area. In 1962 it became the luxurious hotel that it is today and where you can find all the comforts for an unforgettable vacation in a unique environment.

In this five-star hotel there are 99 rooms and suites that are spectacular and that have all kinds of details both in comfort and leisure as well as in decoration. You can do various outdoor activities such as horseback riding , archery, tennis or horse riding. In addition, it has a spa, a heated pool, several bars and restaurants and they even organize your wedding , also making it an unforgettable event thanks to the beauty of the castle, the gardens and the surroundings.