Art Museums in Brussels

One of the best European destinations for art lovers is Brussels , as the Belgian capital has many museums and a large number of buildings that are authentic architectural marvels. A city that is very worth visiting not only for this but for all that it can offer you, although today I want to focus on museums dedicated to art.

You can find a large number of art museums in Brussels , so I’ll leave you with the most important ones so that you can organize a route through all of them if you are going to be in the city. Take note:

Museum of Fine Arts : It is one of the most important in the world on this subject since it houses an extensive and magnificent collection of Baroque, Flemish and Dutch art. You can find numerous paintings, tapestries and sculptures that are also part of the Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art, all three linked by an underground passage.

Museum of Modern Art : It is in the Place Royale and you can enjoy the best of the art that used to be found in 20th-century Brussels, with a collection arranged in a thematic and chronological manner and that has one of the best exhibitions by René Magritte, which makes it a must see.

Museum of the Fiftieth Anniversary : Also known as the Museum of Art and History, in it you can find 4 large collections of ancient art, the most important being the one that has many works of Egyptian art such as mummies or sarcophagi. The other collections focus on the Middle East, Roman civilization, and Greek civilization.

Antoine Joseph Wiertz Museum : It is on Rue Vautier and is entirely dedicated to the work of the Belgian artist who bears his name. In fact, it was Wiertz himself who began to collect his pieces in 1850 in order to bring this museum to life.

Charlier Museum : It houses a large quantity of Renaissance furniture, rugs, tapestries and porcelain.