Travel to Nanaimo

While some of the travelers to Vancouver in British Columbia only focus on getting to know Victoria, others prefer to visit a great stranger: Nanaimo. About an hour and a half drive north of Victoria is Nanaimo which is located on the east coast of Vancouver Island. It is the most temperate place in Canada and its beautiful beaches, parks and tourist attractions make it an unbeatable destination.

Like Victoria , Nanaimo is only accessible by air or ferry. Once there, organize your time well to discover everything it has to offer. One of its most notable attractions is its beaches . When the tide is out, the sand seems to stretch out endlessly, leaving small pools to explore and seashells to collect. If you walk to the sea you will notice how the water is warm, at least in the summer.
You will find rental houses on the nearby Qualicum beach. Nanaimo hosts the annual World Race Bathtub Championship in which contestants, each July, battle to reach the finish line first in their bathtub. On the other hand, Nanimo is also the perfect place for divers and swimmers who love to explore, as they will be able to see a wide variety of sunken ships in the area.
Actually, you can practice endless activities : fishing excursions, sailing, hiking, cycling, golf, tennis, etc. Another popular destination in Nanaimo is the nearby island of Newcastle. The island is now a protected park that has extensive parks , trails, and beaches.