Travel to Os de Civis

Os de Civis is a small, tiny town from the 17th century, belonging to Lleida, exactly, to the Alto Urgell region, but with a single entrance through the Principality of Andorra. When you get to San Julián del Loira there is a detour that leads to the municipality along a winding road that runs through the gorge formed by the waters of the Valira River .

Os de Civis is located at 1,500 meters of altitude and enclosed between mountains, which provides it with a special microclimate that makes it rain when it snows in Andorra. It has a beautiful green environment, surrounded by forests and meadows, very suitable for walks on foot or on horseback. You can also enjoy fishing in the Valira River. The town that was almost abandoned in the 70s has been restored thanks to those who have been buying houses and fixing them.

The set of stone buildings with the church in the highest part forms a delicious and very special set to explore enjoying its tranquility and the water from its fountains. From the church you can enjoy a breathtaking view. The town has several hotels and a rural house (one of them on the road that goes into the Lleida Pyrenees and which is about 2 km from Os de Civis), the prices are adequate and you can enjoy good meat and sausages.

There are also several souvenir shops destined, above all, to French tourism, which is the most numerous in the area and that, on some occasions, does not even realize that they have crossed the border from Andorra because there is no sign on the road. Os de Civis is a very quiet place, ideal to enjoy nature and just 15 or 20 minutes from the center of Andorra La Vella .