Los Genoveses beach, in Almería

If you are still not sure what your destination will be for this vacation, but you know you want to go to the beach, maybe today’s post will help you finish deciding. At Vuela Viajes we want to tell you about one of the most wonderful beaches in our country.

It is in Cabo de Gata , in Almería, and it is a totally wonderful corner of the Spanish coast. A virgin beach, with beautiful dunes of fine golden sand.

Wild and natural

The Genoveses beach is located very close to the town of San José , in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, and is quite long (it is more than a kilometer long). It owes its name to the fact that a fleet of Genoese ships landed on this beach that arrived to support Alfonso VII, King of Castile in his war against the Muslims in 1147.

Today, this beach is a stronghold of great beauty, surrounded by dunes of very fine and pure sand , and the typical vegetation of the area such as prickly pears, agaves and pitas. It is a perfect beach for swimming, because of its transparent and crystalline waters, and because the depth is soft and progressive, and you have to walk a lot to cover you (which is perfect for children). You can also practice scuba diving and other water sports, and there is a designated area for those who wish to practice nudism.

As it is a wild beach , it does not have beach bars or other services more typical of an urban beach, but that is not inconvenient for everyone to want to spend a perfect summer day there. Therefore, to protect it from overcrowding at this time of year, parking is limited to a few cars. And when it gets full, you can only access the beach by public transport (from the town of San José there are minibuses that go there) or on foot.