The Bhimbetka Caves in India

The Bhimbetka Caves are a wonder considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and are in the Indian city of Bhopal . On its walls you can see paintings that show the thousands of years of history that have passed since they were formed and all the civilizations that passed through there. They are one of the great attractions of the whole country thanks to the fact that the environmental conditions of the area have allowed the paintings to be perfectly preserved.

These caves were discovered in 1958 and the importance of this area was quickly recognized, which shows the Indian history in a spectacular way. They are a group of about 600 prehistoric caves, which makes it not only the most important in India but also in the whole world. A must-see for any tourist as with this you will discover an exciting world.

They are so extensive that the routes that exist take you only through a few, the most important ones. There are some must-sees, such as the Lion’s Cave (huge and with paintings of lions but also turtles. It can hold about 100 people) or the Zoo Rock (it is a rock that is surrounded by paintings of a great variety of animals). In many of the caves you can see paintings of the first gods. If you don’t have much time, you should see these two first and then what you can.

There are also caves with paintings dating from medieval times , which are already much more geometric and pay less attention to aesthetic details. Undoubtedly visiting this entire area is an excellent opportunity to discover how they lived millions of years ago and how history has evolved from that moment. A walk through the history not only of the Asian country but of all humanity.