The most visited museums in the world

Something that I love when I visit a city is knowing what museums it has, and I can’t help it… I love museums! I do not care what they are, if they have paintings, wax figures or original articles, what I am clear is that all of them show unique pieces and stories that are undoubtedly worth knowing.

Today I would like to show you a list of the most visited museums in the world , which, as you can see, have very varied themes and are in different parts of the world. Take note:

Madam Tussaud : The famous London wax museum, which also has museums in other cities around the world, is currently the most visited museum in the world. A museum in which you will find the wax version of the most prominent personalities in world history in sectors such as sports, cinema, politics, television …

Louvre Museum : The Parisian museum is spectacular both outside and inside, and its glass entrance is identifiable in any corner of the world. It houses one of the most extensive art collections in the world and receives millions of visitors each year. If you wanted to see the works in full, you would need about 6 weeks.

British Museum : It is also in London and has a lot of exposed artifacts that make it very interesting, as well as several Egyptian treasures of vital importance to the history of the African country. Its temporary exhibitions are also very interesting so it is a must.

Museo del Prado : The Madrid museum is among the most visited in the world thanks to the fact that it houses works by the most renowned artists in the world such as Goya or El Greco.

Metropolitan Museum of New York : It has a spectacular collection of classical art that makes it one of the most visited, as well as temporary exhibitions both modern and contemporary that are very interesting.